day 1

  • 8:00 am Doors Open
  • 9:00 amMain Sessions
  • 1:30 pmApp Sessions
  • 3:00 pmApp Sessions
  • 7:00 pmMain Sessions

day 2

  • 8:00 am Doors Open
  • 9:00 amMain Sessions
  • 1:30 pmApp Sessions
  • 3:00 pmApp Sessions
  • 7:00 pmMain Sessions
  • After Party
    following the end of the main session

app sessions

tuesday - 1:30 pm

  • Kevin Gerald: The 9 Leadership Tests & The Questions They Ask
  • DeLynn Rizzo & Lori Champion w/Grace Klein, Wendy Perez & Sheila Gerald:  Being Your Best You
  • Randy & Amy Bezet:  The Dangers of Comparison
  • John Larson w/Johnny Hill, Tara Banks, Berch Paul, Tosha Zwanziger & Leigh Bennett:  Essentials of Worship Ministry
  • Jeff Little:  Growing Your Giving In Your Church
  • Tommy Barnett w/ Matthew & Caroline Barnett:  Dream Center 101
  • Justin Dailey w/Drew Freyder, Terrance & Johanne Wilson:  Church Planting Series: Recruiting a Team for a Large Launch
  • Tyler Reagin:  Life-giving Leadership for Church Leaders
  • Dale O'Shields:  The Qualities of a High Impact Team Member
  • Matt Keller & Peter Haas:  How to Conduct a Staff Lead Team Meeting
  • Greg Brooks w/Josh Joines, Earl McClellan, Aaron Burke & Ronnie Bennett:  Effective Church Budgeting
  • Kenneth Wagner:  The How & When of Multiple Weekend Services

tuesday - 3:00 pm

  • Kevin Myers:  What’s the Big Deal? The new way to uncomplicate the bible for you and your people
  • Dino & DeLynn Rizzo w/John & Leslie Siebeling:  Family Vibes- a discussion on crazy love for your crazy family
  • JD & Leah Ost:  Best Practices for Breaking the 500 Growth Barrier
  • Herbert Cooper:  Building a Pipeline Within Your Church Staff
  • Phil Klein:  Sustainable & Scalable Organizational Leadership Structures
  • Kellen Coldiron:  Building a Culture of Creativity
  • Josh Joines w/Brad Hampton, Travis Jones & Brian Cromer: Church Planting Series:  Launching Large & Staying Strong
  • Willie George:  Money: The Missing Link Pastors Often Need to Fulfill Their Church's Vision
  • Karol Hobbs:  Best Practices for Executive Assistants
  • Shaun Nepstad:  Growing Your Church by Creating & Building an Internship Program
  • Greg Surratt w/Josh Surratt:  Signs & Wonders in the Church- what to do when God messes up your plan
  • Shawn Lovejoy:  Measuring Success:  The 5 Major Metrics that Matter

wednesday - 1:30 pm

  • Rob Ketterling:  Fix It- Whose Problem Is It?
  • Stacy Henagan & Martha Fry w/Celeste Gonzales, Rachel Erwin & Tomekia Williams:  Girl Vibes- Best Practices in Ministry From Some Leading Ladies
  • Josh & Crystal Whitlow:  Best Practices for Breaking the 1000 Growth Barrier
  • Travis Jones & Rafael Paez:  Practical Steps to Building a Multi-cultural & Socioeconomic Church
  • Chris Carmona, Jesse Norman & Brad Hampton:  Growth through Marketing, Branding and Social Media
  • Mark Pettus & Beth Cunningham:  Together We Win: Best Practices in Kids & Student Ministries
  • Keith Jenkins:  Church Planting Series: The 5 Essentials for Every Church Planter and Team
  • Andy Heis & Chris VanBuskirk:  BIG church. small TOWN. How to grow and lead a healthy life-giving church in a town of under 100,000.
  • Chip Judd:  Why Every Leader Needs a Counselor
  • Steve Lentz:  The Business of Church-  Business and legal essentials for pastors and church leaders today.
  • Darrin Patrick:  Healthy Church Government- the Roles Your Overseers Should Fill
  • Tavner Smith:  How to Increase Your First Time Visitors

wednesday - 3:00 pm

  • Layne Schranz: Closing the Back Door of Your Church Through Small Groups and Your Dream Team
  • Jason Delgado: Church Revitalization
  • John Larson w/Johnny Hill, Tara Banks, Berch Paul, Tosha Zwanziger & Stephen Robertson:  Building a Healthy Worship Culture
  • Jimmy Rollins:  Church Culture & Context- Changing What I do Without Losing Who I Am
  • Kellen Coldiron w/Adam Hobson & Brian Worster:  Essentials of Live Production
  • Lee Domingue w/Rich Romero, Jordan Smucker & Dustin McClain: Church Planting Series: Keys to Fundraising for a Large Launch
  • Matt & Martha Fry:  Making the Right Staff Hires at the Right Time
  • Trevor Olesiak:  How Healthy Leaders Can Repair Unhealthy Teams
  • Eric Watt w/Michael Ray & Sam Scaggs:  Global Missions in the Church Today
  • David Middlebrook w/Dustin Gaines:  How to Handle Crisis in Your Staff & Church
  • Steve Blount w/ David Thoroughman:  How to Use Giving Data to Disciple & Fund Your Vision