App Sessions

practical training

We have structured our App Sessions with a specific focus to provide training in your personal life and ministry areas. These practical break-out sessions will help you take your current ministry areas to the next level.

Tuesday @ 1:30pm

What I Wish I Knew Then

with Dino and DeLynn Rizzo, Chris and Tammy Hodges, Rick and Michelle Bezet, and Terry and Judith Crist

Church Growth: Breaking 500

with Casey Henegan

All in the Family

Discover How to Build and Pass Down a Legacy of Loving the Local Church From Generation to Generation

with Rich Wilkerson and Sons

Leading the Way With Radical Generosity

with Chad Fisher

Worship Service Planning and the Creative Process

Developing Tools to Create Consistent and Unforgettable Experiences

with Josh Lazar

How to Grow Your Small Town Church Up, In and Out

with James Johnson-HIll, Craig Wendel, Hal Hardy, and Tony Ashmore

Sticky Church

Why Closing the Back Door Is More Important Than Opening the Front Door

with Larry Osborne

Creating a Successful Family Ministry

with Beth Cunningham

ARC Launch

Steps to Prepare Your Money, Marriage and Ministry to Launch

with the ARC Launch Team

Friends and Family

How to Be Part of ARC and a Denomination

with Rob Ketterling

Church Growth: Breaking 5000

with Brian Tome

Administrators' Toolbox

Discover the Tools You Need to Set up Your Pastor to Succeed

with Karol Hobbs

Tuesday @ 3:00pm

Great Leaders Build Great Leaders

with Dino Rizzo with Marc Cleary, Layne Schranz, Phil Klein, and Lee Domingue

Your Church Growth Is Mom & Pop's Fault

Discover the Blind Spots Most Churches Miss & Learn How to Overcome Them to Maximize Church Growth

with Rick Bezet and RELATE

The Three Gears of Growth

Culture, Team, and Systems

with Shawn Lovejoy

Leading a Worshipping Church

with Jonathan Stockstill

Do Something Church

Effective Outreach Strategies to Reach Your Community

with Miles McPherson


How to Combine Traditional and Digital Media to Grow Your Church and Reach the Widest Audience Possible

with BMCFerrell

The Hardest Thing about Hard Conversations

How to Lean into Hard Conversations That Will Help You Thrive

with Matt Keller and Next Level Coaching

Building a Strong Youth Ministry

with Anthony O'Neal

ARC Launch

How to Build a Successful Launch Team

with the ARC Launch Team

Growing Your Church Without Losing Your Mind

Learn Biblical Principles That Will Help You Flourish in Your Ministry and in Life

with Matt Fry

Church Ops

Discover the Executive, Internal Practices That You Need to Build Your Church

with Ronnie Bennett

Family Matters

How to Grow Your Family as You Grow Your Church

with Wayne Austin

Wednesday @ 1:30pm

10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me 20 Years Ago

with Brady Boyd

Avoiding Burnout and Depression in Ministry

with Stovall Weems and Karl Benzio

ARC Global Gathering

with Rob Hoskins

Breakthrough Leadership

with Kent Ingle Interviewed by Dino Rizzo

Best Financial Practices for Churches

Creating a Culture of Stewardship and Generosity

with Chris Brown

Building Emotionally Intelligent Teams

with Johny Wyatt

Wife, Mom, Friend, Leader...Which Is It?

Hear the Lessons Learned From Women Who Serve in Several Roles in Life on a Daily Basis

with DeLynn Rizzo with Tammy Hodges, Leslie Siebeling, Terry O'Shields, and Zai Chandler

Healthy Marriages Equals a Healthy Ministry

Discover the Power of the SYMBIS Assessment

with Les Parrott

ARC Launch

How to Transition From a Launch Team to a Leadership Team

with the ARC Launch Team

Top 10 Questions Every Leader Has to Answer

with Randy Bezet

The Global Gospel

What God Is Doing Around the World and How Your Church Can Help

with Fred Markert

Church Growth: Breaking 2000

with Troy Maxwell

Wednesday @ 3:00pm

How We Grow

with Chris Hodges

Portable Power

How to Be Portable as a Church Without Sacrificing Excellence

with Jeremy Foster

Multi-Site and Campus Pastors

Learn When and How to Go Multi-Site, and How to Identify and Train Your Campus Pastors

with Layne Schranz

The One Thing That Will Produce a Healthy Church

with Bobby Bogard

How Church and Business Intersect

Learn How to Foster God-Given Relationships With Business People in Your Church and Community

with bill whittle

Become a Game Changing Leader

with Frank Damazio

From Vision to Reality

Discover Principles That Will Help Your Vision Come Alive

with Daniel Floyd

ARC Launch

Want to Plant a Church? Why You Should Launch With ARC

with the ARC Launch Team

Second Chair Leaders

Getting It Right With Your Pastor

with Brandon Stewart and Team Church Network

Finishing Well

with Michael Fletcher

Bi-Vocational Pastoring

with Brandon Doss